Telos New York

Code of Conduct

  • As Telos New York is 100% self-funded, we commit to remaining fully independent. We have not and will not seek future outside investors. Our belief is that we already have the necessary resources and experience to be able to be a highly reliable block producer on the Telos Network.
  • We will commit to do everything in our power to prevent collusion, vote buying, bribery, or other unethical acts. We ourselves will not be involved in any such acts and will do what is needed to preserve the integrity of the Telos Network.
  • Network performance will be one of our priorities. We are committed to running high-end bare metal infrastructure to ensure that we give the Telos Network the resources that it needs. We will never just meet the "minimum requirements". We will always strive to be one the top performing block producers on the network and will scale our hardware as the network grows.
  • Telos New York will adhere to the Telos Governances provided below and will adapt to any and all future changes made to the Governance documents in the future.