Our Values

Community Oriented

An old African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child. In the same sense, we believe that it takes a diverse community of people to build and maintain a successful blockchain. We not only contribute to the community as necessary but also depend and rely on the strength of the community.

Accountable & Transparent

We operate with transparency and accountability at the forefront of our mindset. We want the community to be able to trust us and believe that we will always make the best decisions to ensure success and longevity of the Telos platform.


Telos New York is wholly owned and funded independently. We have not and will not in the future seek outside investment. Our belief is that we already have the necessary resources and experience to be able to be a highly reliable Block Producer.

What WE're Bringing to the Table

TELOS Testnet

We were proud to be part in the Telos Testnet throughout the whole process. With the help of the Telos community, we have been able to successfully set up our network environment and actively start producing blocks on the Testnet, Stagenet and Mainnet.

Launch Group

Telos New York committed itself to doing it's duty to help make the launch of the Telos network successful. We were happy with being a part of such a great group of teams and group members.


Even though our main contribution will be to the network infrastructure of Telos and block production, we also plan to contribute to the development community as well. With years of experience in C++, we feel that we can be a valuable asset.


WHy Telos?

We were and still are supporters of the EOS network but we believe that EOS in its current state leaves much to be desired.  Telos New York believes in the vision of Telos and the changes that make it differ from it’s predecessor. We believe that adaptions such as weighted voting and token cap allocation are game changers. Also, we believe that what we have learned from prior events and the changes to the governance model will be of great benefit to the Telos Network.